Why did I pick the name Wren Logic?


I guess I’ve always liked birds.

This was from back in 2013 when Twitter was still sort of new and hadn’t yet become the hate machine that it is today. My wife grabbed my phone and thought she was really going to get my goat by tweeting something so silly. Little did she know, she was right on point!

Since 2013, I’ve gravitated toward bird-themed names for lots of projects so it only makes sense that we stick with the theme for this freelancer adventure.

I’m not very interested in large birds of prey or bright colorful birds of paradise. The birds that always catch my eye are common backyard birds that you might see stealing fries at a picnic table or bathing in your garden fountains. We tried a lot of different names before settling on Wren Logic, and here’s why we eventually chose the humble wren as our mascot.

Symbology / Meaning:

“The wren is a small, unassuming bird but is generally considered a harbinger of Spring and rebirth.” This fits with the huge career change that comes with launching a freelancing business after a long career in the agency world. I’m also launching at the start of Spring 2023, which helps as well.


“Wrens are first and foremost known for their wit, ingenuity, and cleverness. Despite their small, fragile form, these birds have asserted their victory over birds much larger and stronger than them by virtue of their quick-thinking. Besides, they are also highly-energetic and happy, determined to enjoy every moment of their life.” These are all qualities that I’d love to call my own. Hopefully you agree!

Then, there’s the delightfully endearing story about How the Wren Became The King of the Birds. Who wouldn’t root for that!?

Now I hear you asking, “Okay, I get the wren thing. What’s with the ‘logic’ part?”

Thanks for asking! Whereas “wren” conveys smallness, cleverness and determination, “logic” suggests rational, analytical thinking. The juxtaposition of these two words indicate a company that applies logical reasoning in a novel, outside-the-box way. I hope you see it that way as well.

…It also didn’t hurt that wrenlogic.com was available.

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