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About Wren Logic

Freelance digital marketing & data professional with more than 20 years of agency experience.

Hello! I’m James Hacker. Over the past two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible clients from all over the world. My focus is effective digital marketing strategy, measurement, and reporting. I approach every project with curiosity and tenacity. Looking forward to meeting you!


Over 20 years of experience working in marketing agencies has taught me that precise goal setting, tracking, and reporting are the cornerstones of a successful campaign.

Site Analytics

Setup or audit Google Analytics properties and provide ready-to-use reports that cut through the confusion to focus only on the metrics that matter.

Tag Management

Marketing tag administration to ensure the right actions are being tracked and your site isn’t being slowed down by ineffective tagging strategies.

Digital Marketing

PPC, Social, or Programmatic campaign auditing for effectiveness and efficiency.

Data Transformations

Marketing data extraction & normalization from online platforms so that it can be used in holistic reporting dashboards.

Real-Time Dashboards

24/7 live dashboards with up-to-date information formatted in a way that quickly demonstrates effectiveness to stakeholders.

Strategic Consultation

Marketing plan review and strategy consultation. Let’s set some goals and make sure they are specific, measurable, and actionable.

Jennifer McNease
    Jennifer McNease


    Not only is James knowledgeable in all aspects of digital, he’s also a skilled communicator and trusted partner. I can confidently bring James into meetings at every level of our organization and know he will provide clear and relevant insights to support decision-making tailored to his audience’s understanding of digital media. His partnership adds a critical layer of operational support and reporting accuracy we need to achieve our goals.

    Jim Steward
      Jim Steward

      DICOM Marketing

      Self-motivated, conscientious, patient, kind and fair. I don’t think I need to say “smart” otherwise I would not be writing this. I consider him one of the most dependable problem-solvers available. James’ core competencies: dashboarding, AI and machine-learning, anything SEM, data analytics and data optimization; basically everything online.

      Kristin Huntley
        Kristin Huntley


        James’ expertise took our global organization’s Media Planning and Reporting to the next level. He created custom, real-time dashboards that encompassed our social, paid media, and web analytics, allowing us to make insightful, data-driven decisions in real-time.

        Vinnie Schneider
          Vinnie Schneider


          Not only is James an expert in the ever changing world of digital marketing — he’s able to explain the “how’s and why’s” of our clients’ campaigns in ways that make sense and are actionable. He’s fully committed to helping our clients succeed — and, they do whenever he’s at the helm

          Allie Freeman
            Allie Freeman

            True Media

            When it comes to measurement, analytics or data challenges, James is a big picture thinker. He is able to solve the immediate challenge at hand, but sees the possibilities and related use cases for day-to-day stakeholders for executives and specialists alike! He is approachable yet authoritative, bringing his expertise to all levels of understanding.